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Lectures in Turkic Philology Michaelmas 2012

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Lohrasp enthroned (c.1540).   © The Fitzwilliam Museum
Lohrasp enthroned (c.1540). © The Fitzwilliam Museum

Introduction to the History of the Turkic Languages
A series of four lectures by Dr Stephen Fennell

Thursdays at 5pm in Room 7, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue


Thursday, 25th October, 2012
The Turkic System: Old Turkic in the Pre-Islamic World
Gives a basic description of the common characteristics of these languages, outlines their present-day geography, briefly discusses their status in the Altaic Family hypothesis, and proceeds to discuss written material (and scripts) from the Runic inscriptions of the Göktürk period till the end of the Uyghur Qaghanate.

Thursday, 1st November, 2012
Turkic Languages and the Coming of Islam
Deals with the spread, the changes and the innovations in these languages and their culture from the Qarakhanid period till the Mongol invasions.

Thursday, 8th November, 2012
Turkic Languages in the Age of Empire
Covers the period from the Genghisids, and Timurids to the peak of the Ottoman power, mainly focusing on the rise of Chaghatai and Osmanic as languages of administration and literature.

Thursday, 15th November, 2012
Turkic Languages in the Modern Era
Deals with the vicissitudes of the Turkic languages (and their literatures) since the decline of the Khanates and the era of Russian expansion, including the situation that has evolved post-1990.


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