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Turkic Text Reading Seminars Lent Term 2013

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Lohrasp enthroned (c.1540).   © The Fitzwilliam MuseumTurktexts: from Tonyukuk to Pamuk

A series of eight Turkic Text Reading Seminars given by Dr Stephen Fennell

Thursdays from 24th January at 5pm in Room 7
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue

The series is designed to introduce students and other interested scholars to texts in a range of historically important Turkic language states: Runic, Uyghur- and Brahmi-script Old Turkic texts, Cuman-Kipchak, Qarakhanid, Chaghatai, Ottoman, Classical Azeri and later Central Asian and West Turkic languages are the main fare.

The seminar course introduces all the relevant scripts for the benefit of those who wish (or need) to read them, and uses facsimiles, photographs and other ‘direct’ materials, but the course can equally be followed using the fully transcribed (and translated) materials provided. Grammar and vocabulary will be provided progressively as the readings require, and the ongoing provision of comparative charts will help participants gradually ‘map’ the progression of languages as the seminar proceeds through the different language states.

This course may interest a wide variety of participants, from budding Turcologists and other Orientalists whose worlds share a history with the Turkic peoples, to archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists, historians and others. Although the texts cover roughly the same timespan and geographic range as the Michaelmas lectures on the History of the Turkic Languages, there is no presumed prior knowledge for these seminars, and the mix of teaching and seminar-participation will be negotiable throughout the course. Two text extracts will be treated in each hour-long seminar. Selective bibliographies for further reading will also be provided for each text.