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egyptian world seminar 090523

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Egyptian World seminar
Wednesday, 23rd May, 2012

This week's seminar will take place at 5:00pm in the Seminar Room of the McDonald Institute on the Downing Site and will be followed by a drinks reception.

A master artist, a priest, and their clients: Thebes at the end of the 13th Dynasty
Dr. Marcel Maree, The British Museum

The lecture identifies a diverse range of private monuments, some famous and many unprovenanced,as deriving from the same artistic source. The integral study of these objects sheds much light on the contexts in which they were commissioned, produced and put to use. The same artistic dossier offers important new documentation on cult practices and socio-historical realities in Thebes at the very end of the Middle Kingdom, c. 1700 BC.

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