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Features in L2 Chinese Passives

Research Seminars on Chinese Linguistics & Chinese as a Second Language

Lent Term, 2017

LogoThe Research Seminars on Chinese Linguistics and Chinese as a Second Language ("L2 Chinese") are held by the L2 Chinese research group of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. The aim of these seminars is to provide a platform for researchers to discuss recent developments in the field, to present their work and to receive feedback from fellow researchers. The seminars are supervised by Dr Boping Yuan.

All are welcome!

  • Friday, 17th February, 2017 in Room 7 at the Faculty
    Features in L2 Chinese Passives
    Ruyi Dai

This talk presents part of my ongoing PhD project, which is an empirical study of the linguistic features in the second language acquisition of Chinese ‘bei’ passives by adult English native speakers. In total, 75 English native speakers with intermediate and advanced Chinese proficiency, and 33 native Mandarin Chinese speakers completed the experiment, involving a Sentence Reorganisation task, a Self-Paced Reading task, an untimed Acceptability Judgement task, and a Picture Elicited Rearrangement task. I will focus on the features [telic], [dynamic], [affected] and [adverse], and discuss the behaviours of short passives in the learners’ mental representations.

For further information, contact:

Ruyi Dai
PhD Student, Chinese Studies
Department of East Asian Studies