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Annual Chuan Lyu Lectures

Annual Chuan Lyu Lectures

The Chuan Lyu Foundation has been supporting an Annual Lecture Series in Taiwan Studies at Cambridge for over two decades. We are very grateful to the Foundation and its founder, Dr Lee Hwalin, for initiating the series and for its continuous support. Over the years, the lectures have attracted a very distinguished list of speakers. The Chuan Lyu lectures are held annually in May.

1991    Professor Stefan Feuchtwang (LSE)

1992    Professor Helen Siu (Yale)

1993    Professor Charles Stafford (LSE)

1994    Professor Tu Weiming (Harvard)

1995    Professor Leo Ou-fan Lee (Harvard)

1996    Professor Shiba Yoshinobu (Osaka University)

1998    Dr David Landsborough IV

2000    Professor Liu Ts'ui-jung (National Taiwan University)

2001    Dr Lee Yuan-Tseh (Academia Sinica)

2002    Professor Tu Cheng-sheng (Academia Sinica)

2003    Professor Chen Jo-shui (National Taiwan University)

2004    Professor Steve Tsang (Oxford)

2005    Dr Tsai Yingwen

2006    Lord Patten of Barnes (Oxford)

2007    Professor Lung Yingtai (National Tsing Hua University)

2008    Dr Margaret Hillenbrand (Oxford)

2009    Professor Chou Wan-yao (Academia Sinica)

2010    Professor Yen Chuang-yin (Academia Sinica)

2011    Professor Liao Ping-hui (UC San Diego)

2012    Professor Julia Huang (National Tsing Hua University)

2013    Professor Chen Kuo-Tung (Academia Sinica)

2014    Professor Leonard Blussé (Leiden University)

2015    Dr LAI Chi-Wan (Medical Doctor & Educator)

2016    Dr WU Rwei-Ren (Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

2017    Professor CHANG Hsun ( 張 珣 ) (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

2018    Professor Joseph R. Allen (University of Minnesota)