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Chuan Lyu Lectures 2009

Chuan Lyu Lectures 2009

to be delivered by

Professor Chou Wan-Yao

(Department of History, National Taiwan University)

Tuesday, 12th May, 2009

5pm, Room 8/9, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
(there will be a tea reception at 4:30pm in the Common Room of the Faculty)

“Taiwan in View of Maritime History”

Taiwan history has only become a legitimate field of academic study for a little more than two decades. This lecture intends to trace the changing conception of Taiwan history during this period and shortly before. It will use the subject of maritime history as example to illustrate the multi-perspective character of the study of Taiwan history in recent years, a character that has proven beneficial for the enhancement of our understanding of this island society.

Thursday, 14th May, 2009

5pm, Room 8/9, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
(there will be a drinks reception after the talk)

“Generational Differences in Colonial and Early Postwar Taiwan”

Deep disjunction between generations is a common phenomenon in the history of Taiwan after 1895. This lecture introduces the concept of historical generation, and uses it to draw a big picture of modern Taiwan. The lecture will discern four distinct generations with the focus on the characteristics of the "wartime generation," who were mainly born in the 1920s.

This year's speaker

Professor Chou Wan-Yao teaches in the Department of History of the National Taiwan University. She obtained her Ph.D. from Yale in 1991, and taught at the University of British Columbia before returning to Taiwan in 1994. She was a researcher at the Institute of Taiwan History in the Academia Sinica before joining the National Taiwan University in 2006. Her research fields include Taiwan history during the Japanese period and the Ming and Qing, as well as history of women in late imperial China. She has published extensively on Taiwan history.

This lecture series is organised by the Department of East Asian Studies and supported by the Chuan Lyu Foundation.