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Chuan Lyu Lectures 2014

2014 Chuan Lyu Lectures in Taiwan Studies

Prof. Leonard Blussé, Leiden University

Taiwan ‘Made in Holland’

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Leonard Blussé  (J.L. Blussé van Oud-Alblas) is emeritus Professor of History of Asian-European Relations, at Leiden University and in 2012-2013 Guest Professor at the Jimbun Kagaku Kenkyujo of Kyoto University. Since 1998 he supervised 40 completed Doctoral Theses. He is the author and (co)editor of 40 books and 100 published academic articles, a.o.

  • Visible Cities, Batavia, Canton and Nagasaki and the Coming of the Americans (Harvard UP 2008),
  • The Deshima Diaries,Tokyo/Leiden, 1992-2010, Gongan bu, Bacheng huaren Gongguan Dangan公案簿, 吧城花 人公馆 档案(Gong An Bu – Minutes of the Board Meetings of the Chinese Council). 1869-1873) Vol.1- 12 (Xiamen: Xiamen University Press 2002-2013).
  • Bitter Bonds, A Colonial Divorce Drama of the Seventeenth Century (Princeton: Markus Wiener Publishers);
  • The Formosan Encounter, Notes on Formosa’s Aboriginal Society: A Selection of Documents from Dutch Archival Sources, 4 vols (Taipei: Shung Ye Museum of Aborigines. 1999-2010);
  • Retour Amoy (Amsterdam: Balans 2000); and Strange Company (Leiden: KITLV Press 1986).