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Wednesday, 21st May

2014 Chuan Lyu Lectures in Taiwan Studies

Prof. Leonard Blussé, Leiden University

Taiwan ‘Made in Holland’

  • Wednesday, 21st May, 2014
    6pm in the Lightfoot Room, Old Divinity School, St John's College,
    (across from the main main entrance to St John's College).
    Please arrive on time as the gate to the main building will be locked at 6pm.
    The Discovery of Northern & Eastern Taiwan's Aboriginal Societies

Photo for 21st May

While we are relatively well informed about the plains aboriginal societies of western Taiwan, until recently very little was known about those of northern and eastern Taiwan. When the Dutch chased the Spaniards from the north of the island in 1641, the Dutch East India Company established two strongholds there, at Danshui (Tamsui) and Jilong (Keelung). After the Chinese warlord Zheng Chenggong alias Koxinga forced the Dutch to surrender their headquarters, Zeelandia Castle, in modern Tainan, in February 1662, they were able to hang on to Jilong for seven more years. Although these outposts were of little commercial importance to the Company, the reports of the Company servants who were stationed there offer us startling insights into local relations within contemporary aboriginal society and the ambivalent attitudes of the local tribes towards the Dutch presence in these areas.