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Monday, 18th May

2015 Chuan Lyu Lectures in Taiwan Studies

Dr LAI Chi-Wan (賴其萬教授)
Medical Doctor and Educator, Taiwan

The Making of Modern Medicine in Taiwan, 1865 to the Present

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  • Monday, 18th May, 2015
    5pm in Rooms 8 & 9 (Ground Floor)
    Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (Sidgwick Site)
    Modern Medicine in Taiwan during the Missionary Period (1865-1895)

George Leslie Mackay
Missionary-doctor George Leslie Mackay

This is the period when Western medicine was first introduced to Taiwan by foreign missionaries, some of whom were also medical doctors. I will particularly introduce three major figures: James Laidlaw Maxwell (1836-1921), George Leslie MacKay (1844-1901), and David Landsborough III (1870-1957). I shall focus on how these missionaries are remembered in my homeland, especially how they conquered public fear, misunderstanding, and resistance to Western medicine, and left legacies in how they cared for the ill. I also wish to share some of my fond memories of Dr. Landsborough’s son, the late Dr David Landsborough IV, who served at the hospital his father had founded. Lastly, I shall explain how Taiwan has transformed from being a “receiver” to a “provider” of such international good-will and charity.