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Easter 2017

Israeli Studies Lecture Series

Easter Term, 2017

  • Thursday, 4th May, 2017 at 5pm
    Rooms 8 & 9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
    American Literary Institutions in Israeli Literature: Anton Shammas’s Arabesques between the Galilee and Iowa
    Dr Daviv Hadar, Free University of Berlin

    Hadar will discuss Shammas’s work in light of Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory. Following the novel’s use of Iowa’s bid for centrality in the network of world literature Hadar will show how the canon and concept of world literature can also be assembled in the peripheral location of a small Galilee village. He will argue that the mobility of texts and people have a potential for unsettling the global center/periphery and East/West dichotomies, as well as manage Shammas’s place as a Palestinian writing in Hebrew.
  • Thursday, 25th May, 2017 at 5pm
    Rooms 8 & 9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
    Challenging Parenthood: Jews, Taboos, and the Social Performance of Failure
    Leah Taragin-Zeller, anthropologist

    While many in Cambridge know her as the Jewish chaplain of the university, not many have had the chance to hear about Taragin-Zeller's innovative research. Her lecture will expose the mechanisms through which religious Jews manipulate the strict rules surrounding fertility while leaving social and religious norms seemingly intact.
  • Details TBA
    Dr Yael Padan, architect

For further information, contact:

Dr Tali Artman-Partock
Affiliated Researcher in Israel Studies
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies