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2017 - Modern South Arabian and Comparative Semitics

Annual Ullendorff Lecture in Semitic Philology - 2017

Modern South Arabian and Comparative Semitics

Professor Aaron Rubin

Penn State University

  • Thursday, 18th May, 2017 at 5:00pm
    Rooms 8 & 9, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Sidgwick Site) 

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Abstract: Discovered only the the 19th century, the six Modern South Arabian languages of Yemen and Oman are among the least well known of all the Semitic languages. This lecture will include a description of some of the characteristic features of these languages, as well as samples of oral texts. Special attention will be given to how these languages relate to the rest of the Semitic family, and why they are important for comparative Semitic studies.

For further information, contact:

Prof. Geoffrey Khan
Regius Professor of Hebrew
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies