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Faculty Research Day 2011

Faculty Research Day - 2011

Monday, 21st March

08.45 Refreshments and pastries on arrival

09.00: Welcome by Prof. Geoffrey Khan

09.30-09.50: Dr Lori Allen, Human Rights and the Palestinian 'State': An Anthropological Approach

09.50-10.10: Prof. Siddartha Saxena, Projected commonality in Bukhara: A model of Eastern cosmopolitanism

10.10-10.30: Prof. Hans van de Ven, The Chinese Maritime Customs Service during the Self-Strengthening Movement, ca. 1865-1885

10.30-10.50: Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi, Compelling Cohesion: Varieties of "Liberal" Intolerance in the Obama Era

10.50-11.10: Dr Masaru Tamamoto, Postwar Japan: An Autopsy

Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

11.30-11.50: Dr Adam Chau, The Commodification of Religion

11.50-12.10: Dr Brigitte Steger, Thighs wide open, hair loose: gender specific attitudes towards napping in Japanese public transport.

12.10-12.30: Dr Saeko Yazaki, Islamic Mysticism and Abu Talib al-Makki: The Role of the Heart

12.30-12.50:Prof. Roel Sterckx, Ecology, Philosophy and early Chinese texts: a medley of methods

12.50-13.10: Prof. Charles Melville, Persian Art in context

13.10-13.30: Dr Gabriele Ferrario, The Sun, the Scorpion and the Eagle. Preliminary Notes on the Alchemical Fragments in the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Collection

Buffet Lunch at the Faculty

14.00-14.20: Dr Josef (Yousef) Meri Ezekiel's Shrine In Iraq and Muslim-Jewish Relations

14.20-14.40: Prof. Nicholas Postgate, The Longevity of Mesopotamian wisdom

14.40-15.00: Prof. James Montgomery, Some Varieties of 'Composition' (Ta'lif) in Ninth Century Arabic Thought

15.00-15.20: Dr Mark Strange, Writing and Reading History in Medieval China: the case of Zi zhi tong jian

15.20-15.40: Dr John Swenson-Wright, Trilateralism, Nation-Building and the Limitations of IR Theory: Cold War interactions between Washington, Seoul and Tokyo.

15.40-16.00: Mr Yuval Evri, Translation without Original: Joseph Meyouhas and the Hebrew translation of the Palestinian Bible Tales

Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

16.20-16.40: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani, South Asian grammatical traditions: their history within the larger history

16.40-17.00: Prof. John Ray, The alphabet that never was: the possible Egyptian origin of a Near-Eastern writing system

17.00-17.20: Prof. Geoffrey Khan, The Neo-Aramaic database project

17.20-17.40: Prof. Yasir Suleiman, Ethnography, Erasure and Folk Linguistics

17.40-18.00: Prof. Peter Kornicki, Script, print and vernacularization in East Asian Buddhism

18.00-18.20: Dr Michael D. Shin, The Print Industry in Early Modern Korea

Reception followed by a hot buffet at the Faculty

This event is being held with the kind sponsorship of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and the Centre of Islamic Studies

Programme with abstracts and research interests of the presenters