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Faculty Research Day 2012

Faculty Research Day - 2012

Monday, 28th May, 2012

Rooms 8 & 9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies


9.20 Introductory Remarks

9.30 Paul Anderson, 'Economies of desire: some Syrian reflections on financial collapse in Aleppo and its aftermath'

9.50 Joe McDermott, 'Kinship Organization, Capital, and Commerce'

10.10 Christine van Ruymbeke, 'Why bother with Anvar-e Sohayli, if we can have Kalila wa Dimna?'

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Robert Weatherley, 'Making China Strong: the Role of Nationalism in Chinese Thinking on Democracy and Human Rights'

11.20 Yaron Peleg, 'Unable to Love? Romantic Dysfunction in the Modern Hebrew Novel'

11.40 Peter Kornicki, 'How to steal a Korean book'

12.00 Nadia Vidro, 'Who created the Hebrew language?

12.20 Yasmin Faghihi and Catherine Ansorge 'The Digital Library project in the UL'

12.45 Lunch in Common Room

2.00 Siddhart Saxena, 'Thinker Toiler Soldier Sly: Case of Medieval Central Asian Academia'

2.20 Vincenzo Vergiani, Daniele Cuneo and Dr Camillo Formigatti, 'The Sanskrit manuscript collections of Cambridge University Library'

2.50 Amira Bennison, 'Making Monarchs in the Medieval Maghrib'

3.10 Barak Kushner 'Postwar Chinese War Crimes Trials of Japanese'

3.30 Tea

4.00 Ben Outhwaite 'The world of te Cairo Genizah manuscripts'

4.20 Daniel Trambaiolo 'The Ikeda Smallpox Doctors: a Medical Lineage in Tokugawa Japan'

4.40 Augusta McMahon, 'Urban Uprisings in Northeast Syria, 3800-3600 BC'

5.00 Boping Yuan 'Interfaces of Chinese wh-words and their implications in non-native Chinese grammars'

5.30 Reception in the Common Room

This event is kindly supported by the Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and the Centre for Islamic Studies