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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

03 July 2019
On 2nd July, 2019, Prof. Barak Kushner received the 15th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award. He follows in the footsteps of his colleague, John Nilsson-Wright, who was the recipient of the 10th Award.

Award of excellence - Barak Kushner, PhD

Reason for selection

A researcher in Japanese studies from the West, Prof. Kushner has investigated a wide range of subjects surrounding Japanese history and culture including such subjects as comparing how the war and postwar have been perceived both within Japan and in East Asia, examining Japanese food culture and how it links modern Japanese history to the Chinese continent, especially ramen, and the evolution of imperial Japanese propaganda. His research findings have been praised as not only unique but also as valuable contributions to the field. Further, Prof. Kushner’s fluency in Japanese and Chinese has supported networking and information sharing among Asian studies researchers in Europe and America, and fostered further collaborative connections with those in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Purpose of award

Since its foundation in 1988, Nakasone Peace Institute (NPI) has conducted independent research on a wide range of issues, convened international conferences featuring presentations and discussions by leading experts from Japan and overseas, and fostered cooperative research and exchange with foremost research institutes around the world.

Since the terrorist attacks in the United States on 11th September, 2001, tensions have heightened around the world, and situations in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, particularly, are of serious concern. The world today is faced with a vast array of serious political and economic issues requiring resolution. Among the enormous transformations in the global political and economic spheres are pursuit of a new international order and efforts to build regional economic cooperation, as well as such global issues as the environment and energy.

In these complex circumstances, individual resourcefulness and intellect together with positive effort and action in a bold and proactive approach are the keys toward creation of a brighter twenty-first century. The younger generation will be the principal members who will take on these challenges.

With these considerations in mind, the Nakasone Yasuhiro Award is intended to both honor meaningful achievements in the political, economic, cultural, and science and technology fields and encourage further endeavors which will contribute toward the realization of true peace and prosperity in the international community.