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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

26 March 2021
The review by Prof Joad Raymond in Renaissance Studies describes Pleasure in Profit as 'an invaluable work'.

Dr Laura Moretti's Pleasure in Profit has been positively reviewed in Renaissance Studies (The Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies).

Prof Joad Raymond, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of London and editor of The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, vol. 1: Cheap Print in Britain and Ireland to 1660 (Oxford, 2011), praises Dr Moretti's work as "an excellent introduction to and survey of cheap print in seventeenth-century Japan. It also offers a series of fascinating parallels and contrasts for the anglophone scholar of European book history. It is intensively researched, clearly written and clearly argued. Its dialogue is both with scholars of Japanese culture and with scholars working on cheap print more broadly. For the scholar of book history and of popular culture whose emphasis is predominantly European, this is an invaluable work." 

For research on Japanese literature to inspire colleagues in European book history and popular culture is part of the mission of our Japan and the World.

Read the full book review here