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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

14 January 2021
Artist and writer Edmund de Waal has included the book "Antarah ibn Shaddād, War Songs" by Prof. James Montgomery in his Library of Exile which he is sending to the Library of Mosul which is being rebuilt following its destruction by ISIS in 2015.

Edmund de Waal writes in an Instagram post, "All the books in the Library of Exile are now packed and will be on their way to the Library of Mosul. This incredible place of scholarship was destroyed by ISIS in 2015 and is now being rebuilt. I conceived of the Library as an act of solidarity with those in exile and I could not be more proud that this is where these beloved books are heading now."

James Montgomery, Sir Thomas Adams's Professor of Arabic, writes "He included my book ʿAntarah ibn Shaddād, War Songs, New York 2018 in his installation. The second photo on the post shows a copy of the book upside down in dark blue on the top left hand corner."