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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

01 July 2021
Dr Laura Moretti has published a new book article: "Playing Narihira. The Tales of Ise in Eighteenth-century Kibyōshi", in An Ise monogatari Reader. Contexts and Receptions (Brill, June 2021; pp. 255-302).
Edited by Joshua S. Mostow, Tokurō Yamamoto, and Kurtis Hanlonan, this is an ambitious volume that expands and challenges our knowledge of the canonical Ise monogatari (The Tales of Ise). Dr Moretti's contribution builds upon her previous Recasting the Past and problematizes the established reading of Ariwara no Narihira as a god-like figure. This chapter unveils how early modern writers of graphic narratives appropriated this textual trope and commodified it as something to be played with. While shedding new light on the reception history of Ise monogatari, this chapter explores under-researched critical venues in the study of eighteenth-century kibyōshi.