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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

23 February 2020
The Hebrew Studies section of FAMES has launched a new open-access series entitled Cambridge Semitic Languages and Cultures. The first book in the series, by Geoffrey Khan, has just appeared and the open-access electronic version is now available online.



Khan, Geoffrey. The Tiberian Pronunciation Tradition of Biblical Hebrew. 2 vols. Cambridge Semitic Languages and Cultures 1. Cambridge: University of Cambridge & Open Book Publishers, 2020.

Vol. 1 (description of the pronunciation tradition, including audio files of an oral performance of the pronunciation):

Vol. 2 (edition and translation of the Masoretic treatise Hidayat al-Qari'):

The two volumes are also available as a set:

The next book in the series is Heijmans, Shai (ed.), Studies in Rabbinic Hebrew, which will be published in a few weeks.