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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

22 February 2019
Bursaries awarded – Competing Imperialisms in Northeast Asia, 1894-1953

PhD candidate Mi Kwi Cho has been awarded a bursary to attend conferences and contribute to collaborative research in the Competing Imperialisms Research Network which brings together UK-based and Japan-based scholars to develop interdisciplinary approaches to Northeast Asia’s turbulent modern history of imperialism, interconnection and resistance.

Mi Kwi CHO: ‘Koreans Across the Sea: Migration to the Metropole between 1910-1953’

In exploring the mechanisms of the Japanese empire, my research takes bottom-up and top-down approaches and reveals, on the one hand, how the empire regulated the mobility and mobilization of Koreans, and why it permitted the migration of subversive Koreans to Japan when they supposedly caused endless animosity.