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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

07 October 2020
The workshop was the second workshop based on Prof Kushner’s Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation-Newton Trust project: Charting the Geography of Power: Visualizing the Shifting Landscape from Imperial to Postwar East Asia through War Crimes Trials.

On the first day of the virtual international workshop, Prof Kushner introduced the progress made in designing and building the war crimes mapping GIS website. Miss Ho Chia-Wei (何佳薇, Feng Chia University, Taiwan) demonstrated the updates to the website and the geo-mapped war-related cultural heritage in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Prof Chang Chihyun’s (張志雲, Shanghai Jiao Tung University) PhD student Mr Wu Meng-Ju (吳孟儒) presented his current research about the CCP’s trials and his creation of a new dataset. Dr Huang Shu-Mei (黃舒楣, National Taiwan University) and Dr Lee Hyun Kyung (이현경, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) offered feedback concerning how to improve the website when adding the new data concerning POW camps and and other datasets in the future. Dr Paul Barclay (Lafayette College), Dr Yan Haijian (嚴海建, Nanjing Normal University), and Dr Ishida Ryuji(石田隆至, Meiji Gakuin University), Mr Theodore Kwok (University of Hawaii), and Mr Peter Bushell (University of Hawaii) also provided their suggestions for the layout and access of the website and how to add in further data sets from the American, British, Filipino, French, and Australia trials.

On the second day, Prof Yuma Totani (戶谷由麻, University of Hawaii) introduced her current project that links the Tokyo Trials to mapping atrocities and network analysis. Miss Mahany Lindquist (University of Hawaii) and Mr David Gustavsen (University of Hawaii) demonstrated their work on networking between each defendant and victim data. Dr Shi-Chi Lan (藍適齊, National Chengchi University), Dr Andrew Levidis (University of Cambridge), and other attendees offered feedback concerning how to further contextualize the website and integrate future database sets to advance the use of digital humanities within a history project. Prof Kushner gave closing remarks and outlined plans to hold the 3rd workshop in either Taiwan or Japan.