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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

13 August 2019
As well as being a visiting professor and teaching a summer course at Waseda University, Professor Barak Kushner also spent a portion of the summer giving lectures in Japan and China

the lectures, listed below took place throughout July in Chna and Japan.

  • “Justice, Politics and the Postwar Order in East Asia 1945-2019,” at the International Summer School on East Asian International Relations in Maritime History, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, July 29, 2019.
  •  「戦後処理を巡る論争:日中関係--これまで、今、これから」, 中曽根平和研究所(Nakasone Peace Institute), Tokyo, Japan, July 25, 2019 (in Japanese).
  •  “The Global Moment of Justice: War Crimes Trials in Asia, Politics and Memory,” Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Japan, July 19, 2019.
  •  “Men to Devils and Devils to Men: BC class war crimes in East Asia and Japan’s imperial legacy,” Japan Institute of International Affairs, 日本国際問題研究所, Tokyo, Japan, July 8, 2019 (in Japanese).    

Prof Barak Kushner Hitotsubashi Lecture Prof Barak Kushner Shanghai summer school