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Chinese Studies



Chinese Studies at Cambridge Welcomes You!


'I don't think you can ever really get to the end of everything that is interesting about China!'

Pontus Ljungberg, MPhil student, 2016-17


Postgraduate opportunities in Chinese Studies

The University of Cambridge has an illustrious history in scholarship on China. Many world-renowned scholars of China have taught here or were trained here. The University also has world-leading research resources in Chinese Studies (e.g. archival and library holdings, collaborations with colleagues and institutions worldwide). Today Chinese Studies at Cambridge encompasses diverse disciplines and expertise, ranging from textual scholarship to fieldwork-based socio-cultural anthropology, from paleography (the study of ancient manuscripts and inscriptions) to modern literature (even 'internet literature'), from ancient history to modern history, from archaeology to linguistics, from art history to politics. We believe that the training of the next generation of China scholars is one of our most important tasks, as the rise of China and the global recognition of the importance of Chinese civilisation mean that the world will need many more experts on China in diverse disciplines, not only to research and publish on the endlessly fascinating Chinese world but also to introduce the richness of Chinese civilisation to generations of young people all over the world through university-level teaching.

We offer degree courses at both the MPhil and PhD levels. We encourage you to apply to pursue a PhD in Chinese Studies with us if you already have substantial background training related to your chosen topic and can work relatively independently (but of course with constant guidance from your PhD supervisor).

The MPhil Programme in Chinese Studies is a specially-designed one-year research course with substantial taught elements, aimed at training budding scholars in theories and methodologies in various fields in Chinese Studies. We welcome applications from prospective students who have taken Chinese Studies as a major subject in a first degree programme or those who already have substantial Chinese-language abilities, who had undergraduate training in other subjects (e.g. literature, history, anthropology, art history, music, archaeology, classics, politics, etc.), but who wish to consider switching to Chinese Studies for their future career (in the latter case the MPhil in Chinese Studies can serve as a so-called 'conversion course').

Please browse through the Chinese Studies staff and graduate student profiles and their current research projects to find out more.

Before applying to our programmes, please email your prospective supervisor for initial consultation. This is essential especially if you are applying to the PhD programme since your proposed project has to be within the range of research expertise and interest of the supervisor.


China Studies Research Group

All graduate students in Chinese Studies are attached to the China Studies Research Group. Further information about the Group's projects and activities is available on our Research pages.

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook (with publicity on latest activities in Chinese Studies at Cambridge).


Further details of funding options available to graduate students in Chinese Studies are available in our 'Fees and Funding' section.