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Affiliated Students

For a graduate student with a good degree who has some Chinese but not enough to start immediately as a registered Graduate Student on an MPhil or PhD course, it is always possible to become an Affiliated Student and to read for the BA (Honours) Degree in Chinese a Cambridge.

Affiliated Students are exempt from the normal matriculation requirements. They join the BA course in Chinese Studies at the start of the third of its four years and therefore take the final BA Examinations by sitting Part II of the Oriental Studies Tripos (Chinese Studies) after two years or six terms of study.

The Part II, or final examination of the BA course consists of seven papers and an oral examination. There are two compulsory papers in classical Chinese and two in modern Chinese. A system of options enables specialisation in one of five fields: Han history, the Tang period, the late Imperial period, modern history and modern literature. For the option chosen, the student has to take an essay paper and a text paper, and must offer a dissertation of 12,000 words in English.

Applicants for admission as an Affiliated Student should write to the Admissions Tutor of a College, or to:

Cambridge Admissions Office
Fitzwilliam House
32 Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1QY