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Resources for Chinese Studies

The Faculty Library

Classes and supervisions are usually conducted in the Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies building, located in the centrally placed Sidgwick site. The Faculty Library and Common Room are natural centres of activity for undergraduates and postgraduates reading Chinese Studies and other AMES subjects. The library site provides some links to useful Chinese Studies resources.

The University Library

Students may also use the University Library's sizeable holdings of Chinese books. The Library's Chinese collection, founded on Sir Thomas Wade's donation of his books in 1888, is recognised as one of the finest in Europe. The Library has entensive holdings in history, local and national; biography; geography; archaeology and epigraphy; law and literature. It is especially strong in holdings relating to early and premodern Chinese history; but twentieth century materials are also being built up. The Library is open-shelf, and easy access to its stacks is one of the great advantages it offers to research students.

The Chinese collections comprise about 120,000 printed volumes (including bound serials) which contain over 150,000 monograph titles and over 250,000 individual titles of other (reprinted) materials such as manuscripts from Dunhuang, Huizhou, etc., archival documents and epigraphical rubbings. Over 300,000 titles are included in some 2,000 cong shu. The Chinese collection is complemented by large Japanese holdings.

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Other Cambridge-based resources

  • The Fitzwilliam Museum
    Students interested in Chinese art can make use of the Museum's internationally-renowned collections.
  • The Needham Research Institute
    The Institute houses a specialist library of materials relating to the history of Chinese science, medicine and technology.
Students can also have easy access to libraries in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Faculty of Economics and Cambridge Judge Business School.

Further afield

Cambridge is within easy reach of London and the British Library and the School of Oriental and African Studies Library.