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Japanese research staff expertise

The Japanese studies teaching staff have a diverse range of research interests and welcome applications from prospective graduate students interested in working in the following fields:

Professor Mikael ('Mickey') Adolphson, Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies. Premodern and early modern Japanese history; pre-1600 social, political and religious history; trade and economy; Annales history; medieval societies; historical narratives.

Dr Barak Kushner, University Reader in Japanese History. Wartime Japanese and Chinese propaganda; media and history in East Asia; Sino-Japanese relations; humor, food history; BC class war crimes, Chinese Justice; the Cold War.

Dr Laura Moretti, Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies. Pre-modern and early-modern Japanese literature; book history; early-modern palaeography; textual scholarship; early-modern popular culture.

Dr John Nilsson-Wright, Fuji Bank University Senior Lecturer in Japanese Politics and the International Relations of East Asia. Japanese domestic politics and foreign policy; politics and foreign policy of the Korean peninsula; Korea-Japan relations; US-Japan relations; international relations of East Asia; Cold War diplomatic history.

Dr Victoria Young, Kawashima Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Culture. Modern and contemporary Japanese literature; Okinawan studies; writing by minorities in Japan; postcolonial studies; feminist criticism; translation theory.

Dr Brigitte Steger, Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Studies (Society). Japanese society, both past and present. Everyday life, sleep, gender studies, time studies, cleanliness, body and society, family, disaster anthropology.