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Japanese research staff expertise

The Japanese studies teaching staff have a diverse range of research interests and welcome applications from prospective graduate students interested in working in the following fields:

Professor Mikael ('Mickey') Adolphson, Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies. Premodern and early modern Japanese history; pre-1600 social, political and religious history; trade and economy; Annales history; medieval societies; historical narratives.

Dr Barak Kushner, University Reader in Japanese History. Wartime Japanese and Chinese propaganda; media and history in East Asia; Sino-Japanese relations; humor, food history; BC class war crimes, Chinese Justice; the Cold War.

Dr Laura Moretti, Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies. Pre-modern and early-modern Japanese literature; book history; early-modern palaeography; textual scholarship; early-modern popular culture.

Dr John Nilsson-Wright, Fuji Bank University Senior Lecturer in Japanese Politics and the International Relations of East Asia. Japanese domestic politics and foreign policy; politics and foreign policy of the Korean peninsula; Korea-Japan relations; US-Japan relations; international relations of East Asia; Cold War diplomatic history.

Dr Matthew W. Shores, University Lecturer in Japanese Studies. Early modern to modern Japanese literature and cultural history; traditional theatre and performing arts medieval times to present; Japanese humor; variety entertainment; media. 

Dr Brigitte Steger, Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Studies (Society). Japanese society, both past and present. Everyday life, sleep, gender studies, time studies, cleanliness, body and society, family, disaster anthropology.