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Second Reunion

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Tsurugi no kai 剣の会

Second Reunion

The second reunion of the Tsurugi no kai (剣の会) Japanese Studies alumni group took place on 19th October, 2012 at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London.

Photos from the reunion

A small selection of photos taken at the reunion.

Alumni attending the reunion

Tom Adams (2002-2006)
Prof. Richard Bowring (1965-1968)
Lucy Cava (2007-2011)
Dr Rebekah Clements (2008-2011)
Micha Colombo (2000-2004)
Garry Evans (1979-1982)
Gideon Franklin (1980-1983)
Tim Freeman (1993-1997)
Maya Gartner (2004-2005)
Ben Gregor (1993-1997)
Kathleen Ball (Holden) (1994-1999)
Jason James (1983-1986)
Emily Jordan (2005-2009)
Dr Lucy North (1980-1983)
Emily Perkin (2000-2004)
Joanna Pitman (1982-1985)
Jonathan Rice (1965-1968)
Frances Salter (2001-2005)
Francoise Simmons (1986-1990)
Sue Thompson (1975-1979)
Hamish Todd (1980-1983)
Alison Williams (1980-1983)

Japanese Studies teaching staff attending the reunion

Ms Toshimi Boulding
Prof. Richard Bowring
Dr Rebekah Clements
Prof. Peter Konicki
Dr Barak Kushner
Ms Haruko Laurie
Dr Laura Moretti
Dr Brigitte Steger