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Early-Modern Written Japanese Summer School

Graduate summer school on early-modern written Japanese

Emmanuel College, in the person of Dr Laura Moretti, and Nishogakusha University, in the person of Prof Yamabe Susumu, are offering a Graduate summer school on early-modern written Japanese on an yearly basis starting from August 2014. The official website can be accessed at

This graduate summer school is a two-week intense course that brings together all the skills (both linguistic and palaeographic) that one needs in order to access, decode and interpret Edo-period printed and handwritten materials. It covers hentaigana and kuzushiji, kanbun and kanbun kundoku, sōrōbun. The workshop is targeted for PhD students and scholars in the fields of early-modern Japanese literature, art, intellectual history, history; undergraduate students in their final year who intend to continue with graduate studies in one the fields of Japanese early-modern studies; librarians and curators who are in charge of antiquarian and archival materials of the Edo period.

For any query please write to Dr Laura Moretti at: