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Past MPhil Topics

Recent MPhil Students - Research Topics


Mr Shishir Saxena, Fitzwilliam College
“Polemics in the Indian philosophic tradition on the reality of language” (working title)
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani

Mr Yiming Shen, Churchill College
“The Kātantra grammatical tradition through its commentaries” (working title)
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani


Mr Charles Li, Queens’ College
“Sphoṭa. Statistical Uncertainty and Epistemological Doubt in the Vākyapadīya”
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani


Ms Alessandra Petrocchi, Darwin College
 “The Gaṇita Sāra Saṃgraha: a linguistic analysis of a Sanskrit mathematical treatise”
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani 


Ms Alex Reveley, Darwin College
“The role of vedanā in Pāli texts as presented in the DīghanikāyaMajjhimanikāya and Vedanāsaṃyutta
Supervisor: Dr Eivind Kahrs

Mr Varun Khanna, Wolfson College
“Innovations and Interpretations on the Notion of Adhikaraṇa from Pāṇini to the end of the first millennium CE”
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani


Ms Paula H. Ornelas, Fitzwilliam College
“The role of a personal god in the teachings of Śaṅkara: an analysis of the commentary on the Bhagavadgītā”
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani

Ms Felicity Yeo, Pembroke College
“The relation of ultimate reality to nature and humans in the Upaniṣads
Supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani


Mr Thomas Jones, Wolfson College
Paiccasamuppāda in context: the Buddha in debate with Brahmanical thinking”
Supervisor: Dr Eivind Kahrs

Mr Enrique Bocardo-Crespo, Churchill College
Papañca: the root of mental illusion”
Supervisor: Dr Eivind Kahrs

Ms Adele Tulli, Trinity Hall
“Movements of ecological resistance in contemporary India. Reinterpreting traditional monism, from acosmism to socially committed biocentrism”