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The intellectual and religious traditions of South Asia as seen through the Sanskrit manuscript collections of the University Library, Cambridge

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sasProject Overview

The project, funded by a Standard Route grant awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), aims to exploit the considerable research value of the Cambridge University Library collections of Sanskrit manuscripts for the history of the religious and intellectual traditions of South Asia. For this purpose, it will document this resource by creating a digital multi-media archive encoding and preserving exhaustive palaeographic, codicological and literary-historical data about the approximately 1000 manuscripts comprising the collections.

This archive is intended to serve both as documentation and as direct input for computer-assisted philological and historical research. It will also be used to create a complete catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts that will be accessible through the Library’s website. The project will also make a substantial part of the Library’s holdings available to the international community of Sanskritists in the form of digital pictures linked to the online catalogue entries.

Moreover, the project intends to promote research based on manuscript sources by organising two international conferences that will focus on key portions of the textual material in the collections, the results of which will be published in academic journals and publications.

Start date: 14th November, 2011
Principal Investigator: Dr Vincenzo Vergiani
Co-investigator: Dr Eivind Kahrs
Research Associates: Dr Daniele Cuneo, Dr Camillo Formigatti

Project web-site:

Buddhist Manuscript Culture: Textuality and Materiality

First Project Workshop

Friday, 12th and Saturday, 13 April, 2013
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (Sidgwick Site)