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Japanese History

We are one of the few institutions in the world that focuses on premodern as well as modern Japan, covering religious, ideological, social and political changes over the long term. This wide span of the past is connected by our common interests in historical naaratives. From reconstructions of the warrior class to memories of the Asia-Pacific War, these narratives play an integral part in present day Japan.

Title Description
Person PGP keys Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson Social structures, ideologies, mentalitée, religious institutions, legal history, historical documents and international trade in Medieval Japan
Person packed font file Dr Barak Kushner Modern Japanese history, in particular the post-war dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the impact on regimes and international relations across East Asia
Person text/x-nemerle Dr John Nilsson-Wright (formerly Swenson-Wright) Cold War relationship between the USA & NE Asia, particularly Japan & the two Koreas; contemporary regional security issues, foreign policy & domestic politics