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Projects - Pre Modern History

Al-Ashʿarī, Islamic Theology. Dr James Montgomery, Dr David Bennett
Al-Jāḥiẓ, Theological Epistles. Prof. James Montgomery
Arabic Documents from Fatimid Nubia. Prof Geoffrey Khan
Cities, Ceremonial and Power in the Maghrib. Prof Amira Bennison
Codicology of Dunhuang manuscripts. Dr Imre Galambos
Early Islamic Empire: Reframing the Umayyads. Dr Andrew Marsham
Edition of the Apology of al-Kindī. Dr Krisztina Szilágyi
History of the Study of Chinese Characters in the West. Dr Imre Galambos
Impact of the Ancient City. Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Prof Amira Bennison, Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden
Japan and the World: The Continent and Japan’s First Economic Miracle. Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson
Judaeo-Arabic Mercantile Letters from Ottoman Egypt. Prof Geoffrey Khan, Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner
Making Persianate People: Histories of Persian Literary Education Beyond Iran. Dr Arthur D Dudney
Multilingual Literacy in Dunhuang in the 9th-10th Centuries. Dr Imre Galambos
Political Culture in Three Spheres. Dr Catherine Holmes, Dr Jonathan Shepard, Prof Dr Jo Van Steenbergen, Prof Bjorn Weiler, Dr Andrew Marsham,
Re-forming ideas of collective identity: nationhood and inclusion in Arab intellectual debates during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Dr Elizabeth Monier
Short History of the Structure of Arabic Documents from 1st–5th centuries A.H./7th–12th centuries A.D. Prof Geoffrey Khan
Tangut Translations of Classical Chinese Texts. Dr Imre Galambos
Thinking through Agriculture in Early China. Prof. Roel Sterckx
Traditions of Japanese Leadership: The Azuma Kagami as a Primer for Warrior Rule. Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson, Dr. Jeffrey Kurashige
Two Shores: Islamic Spain and Morocco in the pre-modern era. Prof Amira Bennison