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Researchers History

Title Description
Professor Amira K Bennison The medieval Islamic West; 18th-19th century Muslim religio-political discourse and state structures especially in the Maghrib; Islamic cultural history
Short History of the Structure of Arabic Documents from 1st–5th centuries A.H./7th–12th centuries A.D. Prof Geoffrey Khan
Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson Social structures, ideologies, mentalitée, religious institutions, legal history, historical documents and international trade in Medieval Japan
Al-Ashʿarī, Islamic Theology. Dr James Montgomery, Dr David Bennett
Al-Jāḥiẓ, Theological Epistles. Prof. James Montgomery
Arabic Documents from Fatimid Nubia. Prof Geoffrey Khan
Dr Naures Atto Principal Investigator in the Horizon 2020 RESPOND Project; World Christianities and their European Disapora; Aramaic Online project
China in a Global World War II. Prof. Hans ven de Ven
Dr Sally Church
Cities, Ceremonial and Power in the Maghrib. Prof Amira Bennison
Dr Arthur D Dudney History of early modern Persian literary education and lexicography beyond Iran especially in India
Early Islamic Empire: Reframing the Umayyads. Dr Andrew Marsham
Edition of the Apology of al-Kindī. Dr Krisztina Szilágyi
Prof. Khaled Fahmy Egyptian legal, medical & military history; Islamic responses to 19th century medical & legal developments; the Six Days War; contemporary Arab politics
Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden
Dr Imre Galambos Chinese manuscripts; Dunhuang studies; Tangut studies; history of Chinese writing; contacts between China and Central Asia; Silk Road
Impact of the Ancient City. Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Prof Amira Bennison, Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden
Japan and the World: The Continent and Japan’s First Economic Miracle. Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson
Judaeo-Arabic Mercantile Letters from Ottoman Egypt. Prof Geoffrey Khan, Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner
Prof. Peter Kornicki History of the book in Japan
Dr Barak Kushner Modern Japanese history, in particular the post-war dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the impact on regimes and international relations across East Asia
Making Persianate People: Histories of Persian Literary Education Beyond Iran. Dr Arthur D Dudney
Dr Andrew Marsham Islamic History; Late Antiquity; Political Culture in Early Islam; Empire and State Formation; Arabic Historiography; Comparative and Transregional History
Prof. Charles Melville History and historiography of medieval Iran; Text-image studies of Persian manuscripts
Dr Nathaniel Miller Pre- and early Islamic Arabic poetry; Medieval Arabic poetry anthologies; Early Islamic history; The Qurʾān
Mirror Images: Leadership legitimacy, narratives of nationhood and the limits of US Cold War alliance policy in Asia. Dr John Nilsson-Wright
Dr Elizabeth Monier History of the modern Arab nation state; historical and contemporary Arab political thought; contemporary culture and identity politics
Prof. James Montgomery History of ideas in classical Islam; classical Arabic literature; literary translation
Multilingual Literacy in Dunhuang in the 9th-10th Centuries. Dr Imre Galambos
Re-forming ideas of collective identity: nationhood and inclusion in Arab intellectual debates during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Dr Elizabeth Monier