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Modern History

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Title Description
Person D source code Prof. Khaled Fahmy Egyptian legal, medical & military history; Islamic responses to 19th century medical & legal developments; the Six Days War; contemporary Arab politics
Person Prof. Peter Kornicki History of the book in Japan
Person packed font file Dr Barak Kushner Modern Japanese history, in particular the post-war dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the impact on regimes and international relations across East Asia
Person C header Dr Elizabeth Monier History of the modern Arab nation state; historical and contemporary Arab political thought; contemporary culture and identity politics
Person text/x-nemerle Dr John Nilsson-Wright (formerly Swenson-Wright) Cold War relationship between the USA & NE Asia, particularly Japan & the two Koreas; contemporary regional security issues, foreign policy & domestic politics
Person Prof. Hans van de Ven, FBA History of the Chinese Communist Party before 1949; the history of warfare in modern China; Chinese globalization in the 1850-1950 period