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Middle East and North Africa

FAMES is an internationally recognised centre for the study of the languages, cultures and civilisations of the Middle East and North Africa. Its two main strands are the Islamic Middle East (Arabic and Persian) and Semitic Studies (Hebrew and Aramaic) both modern and pre-modern. It is also world famous for Genizah studies, Judeo-Arabic and Arabic papyrology which link the two strands. Study of the Islamic era focuses on Islam as a world civilisation and we have particular expertise in material culture, the intellectual heritage of the Middle East from Late Antiquity onwards and literature. Modern Middle Eastern Studies has particular strength in modern and contemporary Arabic and Hebrew literature and history.


Middle Eastern History
Hebrew Codicology and Paleography
History Manuscript Studies
Hebrew Language
Middle Eastern Literature
Arabic | Hebrew | Persian
Middle Eastern Culture
Middle Eastern Social Anthropology
Contemporary Culture Social Anthropology
Middle Eastern Politics


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