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Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals , Transforming Societies. Dr Boping Yuan, Dr Yanyu Guo

L2 Mandarin Chinese research is part of a flagship project Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals , Transforming Societies (MEITS) which is founded by the AHRC under the Open World Research Initiative to transform the health of the discipline of Modern Languages in the UK, attitudes towards multilingualism, and language policy at home and abroad.

MEITS is an exciting multidisciplinary project, which includes six research strands exploring multilingualism from a range of perspectives. Our L2 Mandarin research in Strand 5 examines the potential roles of age, typological differences and linguistic experience in the acquisition of Mandarin Chinese sentence final particles, definiteness and specificity by English- and Cantonese-speaking learners. The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University are our international partners who investigate L2 Chinese from the perspectives of corpus linguistics, language processing and phonetics, etc.   



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