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The study of language is a core element of Faculty research. Key areas include world renowned work in Semitic linguistics and Genizah studies, the documentation of endangered Semitic languages, in particular Neo-Aramaic, studies in multi-lingualism, and work on the Sanskrit grammatical tradition.

Title Description
Person Dr Naures Atto Principal Investigator in the Horizon 2020 RESPOND Project; World Christianities and their European Disapora; Aramaic Online project
Person Dr Imre Galambos Chinese manuscripts; Dunhuang studies; Tangut studies; history of Chinese writing; contacts between China and Central Asia; Silk Road
Person Dr Yanyu Guo Second language acquisition research within the framework of formal linguistics; Chinese linguistics; bilingualism and multilingualism
Person PS document Dr Shai Heijmans Rabbinic Hebrew; Biblical Hebrew and its vocalisation systems; Jewish Aramaic
Person Dr Eivind Kahrs Sanskrit literature; patterns of the Indian linguistic and ritualistic traditions; Indian philosophy and religion in general, including Buddhism
Person Prof. Geoffrey Khan Semitic philological and linguistic studies, particularly of Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic
Person Emacs Lisp source code Prof. Roel Sterckx, FBA Classical and literary Chinese language and philology; cultural history of pre-imperial and early imperial China; text and manuscript studies
Person object code Dr Vincenzo Vergiani History of linguistic ideas and the philosophy of language in ancient India
Person Dr Boping Yuan Empirical studies of bilingualism and multilingualism; linguistic approaches to non-native Chinese grammars; Chinese linguistics, syntax and semantics