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Literary research in the Faculty spans centuries and continents. The diversity of work is vast, ranging from pre-Islamic Arabic poetry to contemporary Chinese genre fiction. Many of our researchers follow interests that cross the boundaries between literature and language, history, popular culture, and manuscript studies.

Title Description
Person Dr Imre Galambos Chinese manuscripts; Dunhuang studies; Tangut studies; history of Chinese writing; contacts between China and Central Asia; Silk Road
Person Dr Heather Inwood Chinese contemporary genre fiction and poetry; popular, fan and folk cultures; internet culture and society; media studies; sociology of literature and culture
Person Dr Eivind Kahrs Sanskrit literature; patterns of the Indian linguistic and ritualistic traditions; Indian philosophy and religion in general, including Buddhism
Person Emacs Lisp source code Dr Nathaniel Miller Pre- and early Islamic Arabic poetry; Medieval Arabic poetry anthologies; Early Islamic history; The Qurʾān
Person Prof. James Montgomery History of ideas in classical Islam; classical Arabic literature; literary translation
Person audio/x-realaudio Dr Laura Moretti Early-modern Japanese popular literature as well as paleography and history of the book
Person Dr Charis Olszok Modern Arabic literature; comparative literature; animal studies
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Yaron Peleg Modern Hebrew literary history; Israeli cinema and culture; the creation and legacy of a native Hebrew culture at the beginning of the 20th century
Person Emacs Lisp source code Dr Michael Rand Jewish liturgical poetry (piyyut) in Hebrew and Aramaic from Byzantine period Palestine; Hebrew codicology
Person Dr Christine van Ruymbeke Classical Persian Literature, Modern Persian poetry, Comparative literature, Persia in the European world, Persian manuscripts and paintings, Iranian cinema
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Justin Winslett The extrahuman and supernatural in pre-modern texts, especially the Early Imperial period and including Warring States manuscripts to Qing dynasty biji
Person AR archive Dr Victoria Young Modern and contemporary Japanese literature; Okinawan studies; writing by minorities in Japan; postcolonial studies; feminist criticism; translation theory