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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


For the last decade or so Dr Peleg has been engaged in an ongoing examination of the history and nature of romance in modern Hebrew literature, especially the paradoxical absence of it from the modern Hebrew roman or novel. This examination has inspired his first book about homoeroticism in Hebrew literature, Derech Gever (Hebrew, 2003), which looks at "romance" between men in Hebrew literature as an articulation of early Zionism's preoccupation with masculinity. Dr Peleg continued to explore the topic in my third book about Israeli literature in the 1990s (Israeli Culture Between the Two Intifadas, 2008), which examines the first appearance of romance in modern Hebrew letters.

Most recently, one chapter in Dr Peleg's latest book about religion in Israeli film and television (Directed by God, 2016) deals with the exploitation of romantic conventions by religious film and television makers in Israel to legitimize religiosity in Israeli culture. He intends to conclude this extensive project with a final volume on the history of this literary-cultural phenomenon in the Hebrew novel between 1850 and 1950.     


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