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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part II

This course focuses on the history and culture of the Silk Road from the fifth to the eleventh centuries in the region that is now known as North-western China. Particular attention is given to manuscripts and art from Dunhuang, which before the eleventh century used to be a thriving oasis city located at the intersection of Chinese and Central Asian cultures. We will examine how the academic field called Dunhuang Studies emerged from the study of the manuscripts, and how it shaped and contributed to our understanding of medieval Chinese history, society, and culture. While exploring topics such as religion, daily life, trade, education, literature or art, we will discover the many ways in which China was influenced by, or had an impact on, cultures to the West.

Note for 2018-19: only one of C.15 or C.16 will be offered depending on the number of students who pre-register for the papers.