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It is possible to study both Japanese and Chinese at Cambridge, but only with permission of the Faculty Board and by taking Part I (first two years) Japanese followed by Part I Chinese (first two years). You cannot study the two languages concurrently. If you take this option, you will not have a year abroad. Instead, you will be resident in Cambridge in your third year, studying basic Chinese.

You are advised to put only one language as the subject on your application form, irrespective of whether you plan to do the combination in your third and fourth years at Cambridge. As you might expect, mastering two demanding Asian languages is no small achievement and we generally recommend this option only for students with particularly strong linguistic aptitude or those who may have had extensive prior exposure to one of the two languages before arriving at Cambridge.

Japanese cannot be combined with languages from the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

Japanese Studies students who are interested in the Korean language can take a paper in Korean in their fourth year.