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Course key facts

Course Key Facts


UCAS Code 



Course duration 

Four years (Year 3 spent abroad)


Typical A Level offer: A*AA

IB: 40-41 points, with 776 at Higher Level



Required subjects

No previous knowledge of Japanese is required to study with us. We also do not require any formal training in any foreign language, although a GCSE or A-level in a language (East Asian or not) will give a good indication of your motivation and commitment to this kind of study. As for applicants wishing to take Japanese at A-level, we advise to do so only as one out of four A-level subjects, bearing in mind that the balance of admission is likely to depend on performance in the other three A-level examinations. There is also no requirement around what other subjects to choose. Please bear in mind that the BA in Japanese Studies is not suitable for native speakers.

For any query around your choice of subjects please contact:


Admission process

For an overview of the admission process please CLICK HERE.


Choosing a College

In your College you will have a Director of Studies who will be responsible for your academic welfare and for your progress. In most other subjects your Director of Studies also arranges your supervisions, but in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies supervisions are arranged by your teachers in the Faculty.

Students choosing Japanese Studies and wondering which College to apply to should be aware that members of the Japanese Studies academic staff are Fellows of the following Colleges. In most cases they act as Director of Studies (DoS) for all students in their Colleges doing Japanese Studies as well as other subjects within Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. In other colleges your Director of Studies is likely to be a specialist in Middle Eastern Studies, Chinese or South Asian Studies.


Corpus Christi: Dr Barak Kushner

Downing: Dr Brigitte Steger

Emmanuel: Dr Laura Moretti

Selwyn: Dr Victoria Young

Trinity: Prof Mickey Adolphson

Trinity Hall: Dr Miki Kawabata


Darwin College (only graduates): Dr John Nillson-Wright