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Japanese Studies at Cambridge





Japanese is a complex and fascinating language, which allows you to access and fully comprehend the rich culture of a country that plays a considerable role in the international community and that constitutes the world’s third-largest economy. If you decide to pursue Japanese Studies at Cambridge with us, you will have the opportunity to become experts in this area of the world, but not only. With us, you will master the Japanese language at an advanced level rarely offered in other centres of higher education. At the same time you will gain the intellectual keys to grasp in-depth understanding of Japan: its history, its culture and its society within the wider region of East Asia. Also, you will develop an encompassing set of transferrable skills that are well sought after by employers and lead to a successful career. For example, you learn how to develop critical thinking; you practice a variety of written and oral communication skills; you develop excellent command in essay writing; you train your abilities to become team players as well as leaders. All in all, you become invaluable assets in the current world that cherishes people who can think out of the box and who have the flexibility to deal effectively with diverse cultures. You can read more about the wide range of skills that you develop while learning a foreign language by clicking here.


Undergraduate students of Japanese at Cambridge are taught by a team of internationally distinguished scholars who deeply care about delivering the best possible education tailored to each of you as individuals.


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