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Career Opportunities

Where will my degree in Arabic Studies take me?

Graduates who have acquired the language and critical thinking skills through the Cambridge Middle East Studies programme have gone on to a wide variety of fulfilling careers. These have included business, diplomacy, industry, teaching, academic research, work with charities, NGOs and international organisations, public policy work, journalism, consulting and publishing, to name only a few. Others have gone on to pursue further professional qualifications in law or accountancy, for example.

The Cambridge degree programme gives graduates access to many rare opportunities. Arabic studies in particular turns graduates  into highly desirable job candidates in a range of professions. Graduates with Arabic skills are often sought by governmental and private sectors. Former students have gone on to work with international banks, pursue higher degrees in the United States and the UK, conduct ethnographic field work in political hot-spots, work as a journalist with internationally renowned news agencies, and teach kids in North Africa.

In addition to the world of work, many have found that acquiring a Middle Eastern language opened up a lifetime of possibilities of travel, friendship and cultural acquaintance.

Career profiles of some of our recent graduates are listed below.

Fuad Musallam, John’s College

"Since graduating in 2011 with a BA in Oriental Studies, I have continued to work on the Middle East, completing an MPhil in Social Anthropology before moving to the London School of Economics to begin a PhD on Political Engagement in Lebanon. I am currently in Beirut conducting fieldwork."

Elsien van Pinxteren, King’s College

AMES (Hebrew and Arabic), King’s College, 2013 Graduate.content-elsien-van-pinxteren.jpg

 "I am currently a Fulbright Masters Candidate at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. I can see the incredibly strong language skills I have built up over the past years in comparison to others, especially in reading and writing (though there is still much room for improvement). At Harvard I am expanding my academic research skills, which I feel were well established in Cambridge, with more qualitative research skills. At the moment I am attending a fieldwork research course with Harvard in Jordan on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. This coming summer I am likely to follow up with the projects I am now working on, either in Jordan or Lebanon."