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Career Opportunities

Where will my degree in Hebrew Studies take me?

Students who have studied Hebrew as undergraduates at Cambridge have gone into diverse careers. Those leaving the university after their first degree have pursued careers in the private and public sector, including business, banking, the media, diplomacy and government. Some students have gone on to postgraduate studies and undertaken academic careers, becoming the next generation of scholars. Some students come to study Hebrew to explore their Jewish heritage, and end up working in the Jewish community as teachers or religious leaders. A Cambridge degree with a Hebrew concentration opens doors to people and experiences in Israel and beyond. Hebrew language teaching is a vibrant field, especially outside of Israel. Students of Hebrew find careers in academia and language pedagogy, as well as in the United Nations. Community organizations, such as interfaith groups, are always seeking members with Hebrew fluency. Learning Hebrew alongside another Middle Eastern language makes students ideal candidates for higher levels of research in politics, anthropology, and the history of the modern Middle East.