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Hindi Studies

Hindi language courses are offered to Part IB and Part II students. Undergraduates who take the Hindi Elementary course MES 21 in Part IB can continue reading Hindi in their Part II as well.


  • We teach all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing in an integrated way.
    We cover both the formal and informal forms of the Hindi language.
  • The emphasis of the courses is on grammar and basic vocabulary, and they move at a fast pace. Students need to get into the habit of studying regularly independently in order to reinforce and develop what they learn in the classroom.

Part IB

The first year Hindi course introduces students to basic Hindi grammar and roughly 800-1000 Hindi words.  We use a variety of textbooks including Rupert Snell’s Teach Yourself Hindi.

By the end of the year, the students can:

  • read the simplest Hindi texts using a dictionary and perhaps a little help
  • hold a basic conversation on a range of concrete topics, mostly personal ones
  • write about simple personal concerns with fairly good grammar

Part II

The basic grammar is consolidated and further, more sophisticated grammatical points are taught. Students acquire about another 1,000 vocabulary items. The courses use textbooks and authentic materials in the target language, some of which are audio-visual. The students’ work becomes more independent.

By the end of the year, the students can:

  • read and understand (though sometimes with the aid of a dictionary) every day texts like newspaper articles through to simple literary works, for example the author Premchand’s stories.
  • discuss more abstract topics through the medium of reading, writing and speech related to different academic disciplines
  • begin to integrate more sophisticated and nuanced vocabulary into their speech in order to more accurately and interestingly explain their points of view

Students begin to tackle key literary texts too.