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Student Profiles

Katie Polglase

"The department is small - under 20 students of Arabic per year - and the workload is large. However if you ask any student of AMES whether they are happy to be there, it is a resounding yes."

Katie Polglase, Part IB Arabic Studies


"The Cambridge course also gives you the opportunity to set the boundaries of your own studies at many other points. One of the reasons I applied to Cambridge was because of the Department’s unique approach to the year abroad that allows you to decide exactly how you want to spend the third year of the degree. As long as you are either enrolled in a language program or doing actual work in the context of an Arabic environment, you can go pretty much anywhere in the Middle East that is safe to go to."

Skandar Keynes, Part II BA Arabic and Persian


"Within Hebrew Studies, it is possible - even encouraged - to explore a wide range of complementary fields, which help to add depth to the core language and cultural courses taught within the Hebrew department."

Susannah Pearce, Part II BA Hebrew Studies