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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Key Contact

Your first port of call is Ms Francesca Barraud, the Undergraduate Programmes Administrator, email address:

The lists below show the lecturers in Middle Eastern and East Asian Studies.

You may want to see also the list of Directors of Studies.

Heads of Department

Middle Eastern Studies

Kennedy Leigh Reader in Modern Hebrew Studies


East Asian Studies

Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies


Lecturers in Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Anderson lectures and supervises Masters students, and supervises PhD projects within the field of social anthropology, particularly as related to his current research interests in trade and the morality of exchange.

Dr Ashraf teaches courses relating to the history and culture of Iran, the Middle East and the Persian-speaking world.

Professor Bennison teaches undergraduate courses relating to the history and culture of the Middle East

Mrs El Keiy teaches undergraduate Arabic

Professor Fahmy teaches undergraduate courses in modern Middle Eastern history

Dr Ghaffari teaches undergraduate Persian language

Dr Harris teaches Arabic and is involved in Arabic language course design.

Dr Hornkohl teaches courses in ancient and modern Hebrew literature and language, and history of the Hebrew language as well as courses relating to the history and culture of the Middle East.

Dr Kahrs teaches Sanskrit

Saussan teaches Arabic at Undergraduate level.

Professor Khan teaches a course in Comparative Semitic Linguistics to final year undergraduate students.

Dr Marsham teaches undergraduate courses relating to the history and culture of the Middle East

Professor Melville teaches courses on Middle Eastern History.

Professor James Montgomery
Currently on sabbatical

Professor Montgomery is currently on sabbatical

Dr Olszok teaches intermediate and advanced literary Arabic

Dr Peleg teaches courses relating to his research, including courses in the history of modern Hebrew literature since the late eighteenth century to the present and the formation of Zionist culture in the first half of the twentieth century and its legacy beyond that time.

Dr Rand teaches undergraduate courses in Hebrew and the history and culture of the Middle East

Dr van Ruymbeke teaches intermediate and advanced literary Persian to undergraduate students, bringing to bear her expertise in and love of one of the great canons of world literature

Dr Vergiani teaches Sanskrit

Dr Duquette teaches intermediate and advanced Sanskrit texts.

Mr Kumar teaches Hindi

Dr Miller teaches advanced literary Arabic

Dr Monier teaches undergraduate courses in the history of the modern Middle East, in particular, the Arab world

Lecturers in East Asian Studies - Chinese

Dr Chau teaches courses on Chinese culture and social anthropology

Dr Galambos teaches undergraduate literary Chinese as well as courses on Chinese history, relating closely to his research work.

I teach undergraduate and graduate classes on Chinese history, literature, and religion, as well as Classical Chinese.

Dr Inwood teaches undergraduate courses on Chinese literature and film. This ties in closely with her research into contemporary Chinese culture.

Professor Roel Sterckx FBA
Currently on sabbatical

Professor Sterckx is on sabbatical

Prof van de Ven teaches undergraduate courses in Chinese history

Ms Wu teaches Chinese language at all levels to undergraduates.

Dr Yuan has designed modern Chinese syllabi for both the undergraduate program and the two-year M.Phil in Chinese Studies and teaches Chinese Language and Linguistics

Shen-Hsing teaches undergraduate Chinese language courses.

Dr Weatherley teaches courses relating to Chinese society, culture and politics

Lecturers in East Asian Studies - Japanese

Professor Adolphson teaches courses relating Japanese history and literature at undergraduate level.

Dr Kawabata is a senior member of the Japanese teaching staff, teaching Japanese language to undergraduates at all levels.

Professor Barak Kushner
Currently on sabbatical

Prof. Kushner is on sabbatical for academic year 2019-2020

Prof. Kushner teaches undergraduate courses relating to modern East Asian history.

Dr Moretti teaches a range of Japanese undergraduate courses, with a focus on Japanese literature up to the 19th century and premodern Japanese.

Dr Nilsson-Wright teaches courses relating East Asian politics and international relations, with a particular focus on North and South Korea.

Dr Steger teaches courses relating to Japanese society.

Dr Young teaches papers in modern and contemporary Japanese literature, and Japanese cinema.

Mrs Boulding has been teaching Japanese at this faculty since 2004. She also provides language supervisions to undergraduate students.