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Japanese Studies at Cambridge

Japanese studies at Cambridge provides an opportunity to engage with a rich and diverse culture, a challenging language, and a modern and dynamic economy and society that have experienced massive change and growth in the course of the twentieth century. All too often, Japan is presented as an inaccessible and enigmatic society. Our aim is to challenge this stereotype, to enable you to master the Japanese language, and to gain a comprehensive understanding of Japan and its vital role in world affairs.

 To those who believe that the language is difficult, it may be reassuring to discover that spoken Japanese is actually very accessible, its pronunciation relatively easy to master. The main challenge comes in getting to grips with a large vocabulary and a writing system that is undoubtedly among the most complex in the world today - one which uses Chinese characters in combination with two distinct home-grown Japanese writing systems, as well as elements of the Roman alphabet.

Promotional offer: 50 free books

To introduce Japanese Studies at the University of Cambridge we will send a free copy of the book Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy: Studying Japanese Gender at Cambridge to the first 50 UK school libraries who write to us. The book, edited by Brigitte Steger and Angelika Koch (2013), is a collection of undergraduate dissertations exploring emerging and divergent gender issues in Japan.

The offer is limited to one copy per school, and is open to all secondary schools, academies and sixth form colleges in the United Kingdom. All successful applications will be notified by email and receive the book within two weeks.

Further information about the book is available from our research pagesPlease fill in the following form to apply: