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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Basic Books (2019)

A brilliant history of ancient China’s masters of philosophy — and how they help us understand China today. 

In Ways of Heaven, leading China scholar Roel Sterckx offers an engrossing introduction to classical China’s world of ideas. Drawing on evocative examples from philosophical texts, literature, and everyday life over centuries of Chinese history, Sterckx introduces major thinkers and traditions, illuminates key concepts like the dao, qi, yin, and yang, and examines questions of leadership, social order, death, nature, and more. He also reveals how these ideas shape contemporary China, from table manners at a traditional banquet, to the Chinese obsession with education and family, to the rhetoric of political leaders and the nation’s grand strategy.

Essential reading for students, travelers, businesspeople, and anyone curious about this rising global power, Ways of Heaven shows that to comprehend China today we must learn to think Chinese.

This is a version for the North American market of Prof. Sterckx's book Chinese Thought: from Confucius to Cook Ding

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