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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

10 December 2019
BBC History Magazine has published its annual list of "History Books of the Year" for 2019 and "Chinese Thought" made the list, at number 31, chosen by Rana Mitter.

03 December 2019
When you read texts from early China, stretching across a thousand-year period from the ninth century BC into the second century, two principles of nature stand out. First, the Chinese emphasize that everything in the natural world is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent.Secondly, the Chinese did not isolate nature as a disconnected and purely biophysical world (as the scholar or scientist would do in the study or laboratory).

03 December 2019
Ibn Fadlan's detailed description of the "Rusiyyah", a group of Viking people he encountered on the shores of the Volga River whilst on an embassy to the king of the Volga Bulgars in AD 921 gives us a detailed, meticulous window into a world often shrouded in legend and saga.

28 November 2019
Melvyn Bragg and guests, including Roel Sterckx, discuss the life and ideas of Li Shizhen (1518-1593) whose compendium of natural medicines is celebrated in China as the most complete survey of natural remedies of its time.

25 November 2019
Paul Anderson's invited lecture at the Desiring the Middle East Seminar held in Pembroke College

14 November 2019
Article discussing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's political legacy. East Asia Forum

29 October 2019
Professor Hans van de Ven and M.Phil. student Angus Hui, featured in the LRB's 'Talking Politics' podcast about the protests in Hong Kong.

28 October 2019
Full details of confirmed speakers have been announced for this workshop to be held at the Needham Research Institute on 7th & 8th November, 2019.

26 October 2019
Professor Hans van de Ven, Professor of Chinese History, writes in a Guardian newspaper opinion piece that, as it celebrates its first 70 years, the People’s Republic of China might benefit from re-examining its past.

25 October 2019
Parwana Fayyaz, who is studying here for a PhD in Persian Studies, has won the 2019 Forward Prize for the best single poem for her work ‘Forty Names,’ which portrays the collective experience of struggle and sacrifice of 40 women who jump off a cliff.

24 October 2019
Dr Christine van Ruymbeke was elected as a member and Secretary of the Board of the Societas Iranologica Europaea at the 9th European Conference of Iranian Studies and also gave a key-note address.

23 October 2019
The fieldwork of PhD student Aslisho Qurboniev's work on 'The History of Manuscript Production and Arabic Book in Tunisia' was featured in a student-curated exhibition in the Gallery at Wolfson College.

23 October 2019
An advertisement for the inaugural Kaho Postdoctoral Fellowship position will be released in January 2020

22 October 2019
As Emperor Naruhito completes enthronement ceremony, Professor Adolphson offers some thoughts on Japan's royal regalia for CNN

16 October 2019
This past spring Dr Yaron Peleg traveled to Nanjing, China, with graduate student, Huiruo Li, to teach a 2-week course on the history of Zionism at Nanjing University. Huiruo assisted in teaching the course, which attracted about 30 undergraduate and graduate students