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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

25 May 2022
In March 2022, Dr Noga Ganany was elected to join the board of directors of the Society for Ming Studies, a scholarly organization supporting research on the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Society publishes the prestigious Ming Studies journal and a book series. As the only board member working outside North America, Dr Ganany plans to use her new role to promote research on late-imperial China in the UK and particularly at Cambridge.

16 May 2022
Prof. Christine van Ruymbeke, Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Professor of Persian Studies, presented a paper "Le personnage principal du Haft Paykar de Nezami Ganjavi. Réflexions et analyse sur Bahram Gur en tant que caractère littéraire" at the Societas Iranologica Europaea workshop at EPHE (Ecole Pratiques des Hautes Etudes), Paris on Friday, 13th May, 2022.

05 May 2022
The Japanese Studies Section was pleased to host master rakugo performer, Tatekawa Shinoharu, for his week in residence at Cambridge.

01 April 2022
Global Japon(s) Saison 4 Histoire du monde – histoire des mondes vu du Japon

28 March 2022
An episode of the The Siwan Project podcast presenting the history of Muslim Iberia and featuring Prof. Amira K. Bennison, Professor in the History and Culture of the Maghrib, has just been released on Spotify.

25 January 2022
Written by FAMES postdoctoral researcher Nick Posegay, Points of Contact: The Shared Intellectual History of Vocalisation in Syriac, Arabic, and Hebrew is the latest volume in the Cambridge Semitic Languages and Cultures Series.

21 January 2022
Co-edited by Prof. Christine van Ruymbeke, This book, just published by Ergon, explores the presence of the shared heritage and interdependence of poetry composed around the theme of wine in diverse literary traditions of the Islamic world.

12 January 2022
A new episode of the SCAS (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study) Talks Podcast Series is now available

06 January 2022
Two YouTube videos of the Inaugural Lecture of the Yin-Cheng Distinguished Lecture Series (印證佛學傑出學術系列講座) have been published.

22 December 2021
Building on a generous anonymous donation, the goal of the campaign is to build up this bursary to expand what we can offer students in need.

21 December 2021
The latest issue of the Chinese Studies newsletter has now been published.

07 December 2021
In December of each year Choice publishes its list of Outstanding Academic Titles.

02 December 2021
The Chinese translation of Men to Devils, Devils to Men: Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice was named the best translation of 2021 by the Openbook award in Taiwan.

30 November 2021
A YouTube channel has been lunched featuring video recordings of several recent talks from the Faculty's "Dunhuang & Silk Road" seminar series

26 November 2021
Joseph has been awarded the Ivan Morris prize for his undergraduate dissertation: Laughing all the Way: A Study of Santō Kyōden’s “Godō Meisho Hitori Annai” 悟衟迷所獨案内